This site provides information about BOTOX cosmetic training courses and current training advice for medical professional.

Introduction to BOTOX®

BOTOX® is a registered trademark owned by Allergan Inc. The word botox is often used incorrectly when describing any cosmetic treatment or other brands of botulinum toxins such as Bocouture® or Azzalure®.

The BOTOX® brand has been used in medicine and cosmetics for many decades. Treatment such as dynamic facial lines caused by muscle movement, cerebral palsy and excessive sweating have been treated with this toxin.

The botulinum toxin product is a prescription only medicine (PoM) and must be distributed in line with the MRHA guidance for (UK) and FDA (US) for prescription only medicines.

Botulinum toxin training

With a wealth of choices and little regulation it can be confusing when trying to find information about who, how and what is required to attend a course. The general consensus is to attend a training course you must have a medical background such as a doctor, dentist or nurse. The student would also need to write a prescription or have a colleague who would provide a consultation and then prescribe the neurotoxin.  

After completion of their Foundation Botox injection training courses the clinicians will need to source medical indemnity insurance and open accounts with pharmacies. Some pharmacies will only allow medics to open accounts. Even with these restrictions people without medical qualifications are attending botox courses. Thus due to the lack of any regulations with cosmetic/aesthetic interventions the boundaries of practice are not clear.

botox training

In summary due to the nature of aesthetic medicine, botulinum toxin treatments should only be provided by an individual who has a medical background. Consequently a doctor, dental professional, nurse or pharmacist can attend a KT Training botox cosmetic course. Contact KT Training for more information about training courses, or alternatively continue reading this web site.