Discount BOTOX Prices Cosmetic Training

Discount Botox Prices on Courses

Have you ever thought about having a botox treatment?

Maybe it was too expensive?

Not sure about who to choose?

KT Training are the UKs leading botox cosmetic training company. We also have discount botox treatments available for models who receive treatments from our trainees. These treatments are supervised by our trainers.

Discount BOTOX Prices

For example BOTOX  3 areas for £120 this includes the frown lines, forehead lines and crows feet line. This would usually cost £300-£450 in a cosmetic clinic.

Discount Botox Prices

The axillae hyperhidrosis (under arm) with botox is £140 this will normally cost £400 to £600 in a clinic.

To register your interest visit the Botox cosmetic treatment models web site for more information about becoming a cosmetic model and the discount botox prices on the training courses.