Botulinum Toxin Types

There are 7 types of botulinum toxin, identified as a, b, c. d, e, f and g. Type A is used for BOTOX. The product is provided in powder form and contained in a vacuum packed glass vial. This is then reconstituted with saline before use.

The BOTOX Brand

In cosmetic medicine there are also different brands that are  licensed for different cosmetic uses and the indications that can be treated with a specific brand. The BOTOX brand  is approved (2017)to treat the glabellar, periorbital and horizontal forehead lines. Other brands may not be approved for some of these indications.

When BOTOX training is mention in advertising the course should cover the specific branded product. BOTOX is not a generic term, it is a brand name.

Botulinum toxin brands in cosmetic use

  • Xeomin™ 100 unit
  • Bocouture™ 50 unit
  • Azzalure™ 125 Speywood
  • BOTOX™ 50/100/200 unit

The units and doses for each toxin brand are NOT interchangeable.

There are many online courses for this subject. Medics should contact a recognised training provider for more information about non-surgical procedures.

botulinum toxin training online

This condensed video reviews the foundation botox course provided by KT Training. All courses include supervised injection time with patients.

These products are prescription only medicines, therefor they require a medical professional with a prescribing qualification to assess the patient and write a named prescription.

BOTOX™ registered trademark belongs to ALLERGAN Inc.